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[ACCEPTED] Slime666 Introduction  


Hi, my name is Slime666, but most people call me Slime. I started playing Runescape around 2003 with my cousin, who introduced me to the game. Like most people here, I fell in love with the game play. Weather it was doing a quest for the first time or leveling up a specific skill, every accomplishment gave me more motivation to move forward and continue getting better. I've been in many clans and teams during the 13 years I've played this game. I like to think each clan or team I was in thought me something new and improved my ability to become a better clan/team mate. I look forward to being apart of this wonderful team and helping out in anyway that I can in building something beautiful together.

Edited: 4 months  ago
Posted : 30/09/2016 5:24 am

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