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Playdead Month of November Recap: Over 500m+ Loot  


November was an extremely successful month for Playdead. We posted over 45 topics for the month, and pked well over 500m. Enjoy.



7 x 31.8M = 222.6M


Toxic Staffs:

3 x 10m = 30m, Total 252.6m



22 x 3.1m = 68.2m, Total: 320.8m


ZGS + Ballista + Serp:

3 x 3m = 9m, Total: 329.8m



10 x 3.1m = 31m, Total: 360.8m



4 x 2.5m = 10m, Total: 370.8m



10 x 3m + 6m for other loot in pics = 36m, Total: 406.8m



2 x 3m = 6m, Total: 412.8m

2 x 2m = 4m, Total: 416.8m

5m, Total: 421.8m

3.5m, Total: 425.3m

1m, Total: 426.3m

1m, Total: 427.3m

3m, Total: 430.3m

1m, Total: 431.3m

4.5m, Total: 435.8m

4m, Total: 439.8m

3.2m, Total: 443m

4 x 2m = 8m, Total: 451m

2 x 1m = 2m, Total: 453m

1.8m, Total: 454.8m



15 x 2.1m = 31.5m, Total: 486.3m


Dark Bows:

5 x 750k = 3.75m, Total: 490.05m



11 x 300k = 3.3m, Total: 493.35m


Krakens + mystics:

15 x 350k = 5.25m, Total: 498.5m


Just short of 500m, I realized we forgot to include the AGS and ZGS we pked from SV when we smashed them this month:

31.8m, Total: 530.3m

3.1m, Total: 533.4m


Thanks to all of Playdead team members, the clan world, and the wilderness loots.


Grand Total: 533.4m

Posted : 01/12/2016 1:47 pm

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