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Playdead Month of December big looty recap 900m+  


Hey so yeah we made a fuckton of money this month. Like a fuckton... I know some of the smaller pics doubled and the recent inflation of stuff upped the price some, so I gave a lowball estimation on a lot of the random loot. uh this is kinda ridiculous u can tell halfway through I quit trying to count but fuck it go fuck yourself, Charlie wasn't here to help me calculate so there may be a few under/over estimations but yeah, it exceeds 900m.

theres 10+ ags, 25+ zgs, 5 max mages (toxic staff, ahrims+ loss or equvilant in gps) and a shitload of other stuff.

Most of it is off randoms but a good amount if off of teams like SV, VR, TUF, Infamous and other established teams got a problem? eat a dick.



69.3m+36.1m= 105.4

105.4+36.1m= 141.5

Total loot= 43m, 141.5+43m= 184.5m

184.5m+36.1m= 220.6m

220.6m+36.1m= 256.7m

total loot= 39m, 256.7m+ 39m= 295.7m

295.7m+ 36.1m= 331.8m

331.8m+ 36.1m= 367.9m

total loot= 57m, 367.9m+57m= 424.9m

424.9m+36.1m= 461m


Toxic Staffs:

Total Loot= 27m, 461m+27m= 488m

Total loot= 22m, 488m+22m= 510m

510m+ 10.5m= 520.5m

Total loot= 11m, 520.5m+11m= 531.5m

531.5m+10.5m= 542m

542m+10.5m= 552.5m

552.5m+10.5m= 563m

Total loot= 18m, 563m+18m= 581m



581m+4.4m= 585.4m

585.4m+ 4.4m= 589.8m

589.8m+4.4m= 594.2m

594.2m+4.4m= 598.6m

598.6m+4.4m= 603m

total loot= 4.7m, 607.7m


612.1m+4.4m= 616.5m

616.5m+4.4m= 620.9m

620.9m+4.4m= 625.3m

625.3m+4.4m= 629.7m

629.7m+4.4m= 634.1m

634.1m+4.4m= 638.5m

638.5m+4.4m= 642.9m

642.9m+4.4m= 647.3m

647.3m+4.4m= 651.7m

651.7m+ 4.4m= 656.1m

656.1m+4.4m= 660.5m

660.5m+4.4m= 664.9m

664.9m+4.4m= 669.3m

669.3m+4.4m= 673.7m

673.7m+4.4m= 678.1m

678.1m+4.4m= 682.5m

682.5m+4.4m= 686.9m

686.9m+4.4m= 691.3m

691.3m+4.4m= 695.7m

695.7m+4.4m= 700.1m

700.1m+4.4m= 704.5m

704.5m+4.4m= 708.9m

 708.9m+4.4m= 713.3m




721.1m+1.1m= 722.2m

722.2m+1.2m= 723.4m

723.4m+1.2m= 724.6m

724.6m+1.2m= 725.8m

725.8m+1.2m= 727m

727m+1.2m= 728.2m

728.2m+1.2m= 729.4m


Veracs: Plateskirt (2.8m) no plateskirt (900k)

729.4m+2.8= 732.2m

732.2m+900k= 733.1m

total loot= 600k, 733.1m+600k= 733.7m

733.7m+2.8m= 736.5m

736.5m+2.8m= 739.3m

739.3m+2.8m= 742.1m

742.1m+2.8m= 744.9m

total loot= 2m, 744.9m+2m= 746.9m

746.9m+900k= 747.8m

747.8m+900k= 748.7m

748.7m+900k= 749.6m

749.6m+2.8m= 752.4m

752.4m+2.8m= 755.2m

755.2m+2.8m= 758m

758m+900k= 758.9m

758.9m+900k= 759.8m

Total loot= 1.1m, 759.8m+1.1m= 760.9m

760.9m+2.8m= 763.7m

763.7m+900k= 764.6m

764.6m+900k= 765.5m

765.5m+900k= 766.4m

766.4m+900k= 767.3m

767.3m+900k= 768.2m

768.2m+900k= 769.1m

769.1m+900k= 770m

770m+800k= 770.8m

770.8m+2.8m= 773.6m

773.6m+2.8m= 776.4m

776.4m+2.8m= 779.2m

779.2m+900k= 780.1m

780.1m+2.8m= 782.9m

782.9m+2.8m= 785.7m

785.7m+900k= 786.6m

786.6m+900k= 787.5m

787.5m+900k= 788.4m

788.4m+900k= 789.3m


D Bows:









yeah at this point i cba calculating lets just say that dbows+misckrakens+torags legs combined bring the total to ~815m. fair enough? ok go fuck yourself


total= 97m yeah ok thats over 900m go fuck yourself






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Posted : 01/01/2017 5:16 pm

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