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November 30th: Playdead vs. Revenant x3  


We found Rev for the first time at RDG. Shortly after it became a complete cancer fest when SV, Ronald Trump, TUF, DK, and everyone else's mother came in 1item. So, we hopped out of the world and continued our trip elsewhere.


The second time we fought Rev was at RDG again. Rev was, admittedly, severely outnumbered at this time because they couldn't get all of their people ingame. It was an easy clear since they had about 10 people ingame. We knew that they would come back with more, so we banked quickly and teled back up ready for a fight.


We ran into Rev for the final time at RDG again. After over an hour of fighting and clearing CT shitters trying to rag returners because they can't manage a good enough pull to actually fight someone we took the win as the battlefield was cleared.




We dedicate this fight to the Revenant individuals who sacrificed many, many sets to us. Here are some of the fallen soldiers.

The original P_Guthix_God:


R3VR3VR3VR3V, who donated a minimum of 5 sets:




Third place was a tie between the following:







Bankloot pics:



All other pics:


Thanks for the fight Rev. Look forward to more in the future. Shoutout to all the Playdead that came out tonight for the fight.

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Posted : 01/12/2016 3:13 am

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