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November 18th PD Demolishes SV ft. AGS and ZGSx2  



After breaking Sparc Mac so much that he turned to the duel arena, we kept on pking and found SV at bear tree. We smoked 2 kids straight off the bat and went 2/2 for the start of our +1 train of the night. Thanks Debated for the AGS . We outnumbered them pretty heavily at this point, so it didn't surprise us that they began to run down and tele/log.



We predicted SV would mass up for us after getting cleared in our first encounter (and losing 2 +1s in the span of seconds), so we massed up a few more and began hunting throughout the wild. It didn't take long to find SV camping their home field know as the Greater Demons. We began taking the fight farther and farther west, but SV kept running back towards Greaters, hoping to gain more numbers to make up for the lack of quality and quantity ingame at the time. We transitioned through SV for the 30+ minutes. After clearing them from the battlefield multiple times, we took an ending while they grabbed a regroup at GDZ. We hadn't had enough of this feast at the time, since SV remained in gear (for the most part) and kept laying their +1s on the ground for us to pick them up, so we waiting for them to come rushing back in, which they did.

We fought for about 30 more minutes and having finally completely clearing them from the battlefield, took a second ending and left.


Shoutout to SV for returning in gear the entire time, looks like you guys have turned over a new leaf. Look forward to fighting you guys more in the future. Also, Big shoutout to my boy MobbDeep, who returned in mage the entire fight and tanked for absolutely none of it. Thanks for the free sets.


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Posted : 19/11/2016 2:30 am

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