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Playdead Runite Mining Company Month of October +1 Recap: Over 300m+ LooT  


Playdead has quietly had a great month of October for taking +1s and loot from the wilderness. Total +1s loot totaled over 300m. Enjoy. Prices based off of average price when we got.

AGSs: 36m



SOTDs: 11m x 4= 44m (70m)


Ballistas: 6.5m x 11= 71.5m (141.5m)


ZGSs= 3.5m x 14=49m (190.5m)


Verac Sets= 2.2m x 18= 39.6m (230.1m)


Clearing WG in barrage pile and Rol Nabid5 delusions


The rest of the miscellaneous loot (Ahrims, Krakens, Torags, DH, Serps, Karils, Whips, Dark Bows, BGSs)

Serp Helm(1)+Ahrims(1)= 2.6+2.3= 4.9 (235m)


Ahrims (2) +K Skirt(1)= 2.3m+360k= 2.6m (237.6m)

Dharok (1)= 2.6m (240.2m)

Karils (1) +kraken (1)+ t legs(1)= 3.6m+350k+350k=4.3m (244.5m)


Archer's Ring (1)= 3m (247.5m)

Serp Helm (2)= 2.6m (250.1m)

Kraken (2)= 350k (250.4m)

T legs (2)= 350k (250.8m)

Total Kill (including 2x kraken (3/4))= 1.2m (252m)

Kraken (5)= 350k(252.4m)

T Legs (3) + Kraken (6)= 700k (253.1m)

Kraken (7)= 350k (253.4m)

Whip (1) +D plateskirt(random stuff)= 2m (255.4m)

Ahrims (3)= 2.6m (258m)

Kraken (8)= 350k (258.3m)

Kraken (9)= (258.7m)

Total Loot= 1.5m (260.3m)

Kraken (10)= 350k (260.6m)

Kraken (11)= 350k (261m)

T Plate (1)+ T Legs (4)= 600k (261.6m)

Kraken (12) + Loot= 600k (262.2m)

Kraken (13) +Seers Ring (1)+ Dragon Plateskirt (2)+Loot= 1.6m (263.8m)

T legs (5)= 350k (264.2m)

Kraken (14)= 350k (264.5m)

Whip (2) + Total Loot= 2.2m (266.7m)

Seers Ring (2) +D SQ (o) + Loot= 1.1m (268.9m)

Full Torags + Saradomin Sword (1) + 2.4m Cash+ Loot= 4.9m ( 273.8m)

Total Loot= 3.4m (277.3m)

D Bow (1)= 800k (278.1m)

Veracs (15) + BGS (1)= 2.2m +3.8m= 6m (284.1m)

AGS (2)+ Dharok (3) (Baited into an edge fight from deep wild)= 38.6m (322.7m)


This price checker isn't factoring Mystic/enchanted, ancient staffs, dboots  and most normal items unless it was screenshotted in price checker or else it would be much higher lol

Edited: 4 months  ago
Posted : 01/11/2016 4:03 pm

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