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January 5th: Bullying Ruin in their own Timezone  


After our successful bankloot uncontested trip earlier in the night, we headed out with 12 men just fucking around in the wilderness at 4 am. After a few minutes of hopping around, we happened by chance to run into Ruin, completely by chance... the fight began and despite us being outnumbered it was apparent that Ruin couldn't handle us in a 1 v 1. They were extremely embarrassed throughout the fight and it after it became apparent to their leadership that we knew who was calling and the fact that we were transitioning through them they began moving random people out of the channel in paranoia.


After about 30 minutes of fighting it was clear Ruin was completely outmatched so they called Sovereign to come help them out, as Senior Member Gabos (who is currently attempting to edate a Ruin Council member) tried to join their TS hiding under another name.


Despite the help from SV, Ruin still couldn't complete continually walking into clump after clump and attempting to drag the fight south under 30 so they could tele out.


After a full hour and a half of fighting Ruin outnumbered along with SV 1-1itemers, Ruin ran north trying to take the fight back towards Greaters. Knowing what they were doing we took an ending and left, shortly before Ruin faked an ending of their own. Was easy what more can I say. Great job to everybody who stayed up to 5 am EST on our 3rd pk trip of the day to slay some hellhounds, cya tomorrow Ruin.

Playdead Ending: 18

Ruin Ending : 0 (20 on teamspeak)


Posted : 06/01/2017 6:21 am

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