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January 3rd 2017: Playdead's long night out ft. Poison, clean action with CL, and smoking SV again  


We started off our night running the wild and found poor Tommy here who donated some Bandos Tassets to the Playdead Runite Mining fund. He was so impressed with our smiting ability that he decided to join us after just 3 minutes.

We found SV again and dropped them quickly for another ZGS. Thanks to Zoran250 this time.

After that we set up a fight with Chivalry Legion. The rules: Single Spells, tree to tree, 30 min cap. Violent Resolution decided to show up to the fight (didn't even know they were still open). Thanks for the AC, VR, we will make sure to return the favor sometime real, real soon.

PD Starting: 18

CL Starting: [00:23] <`Elijah> 19

PD Ending:

CL Ending:

Shortly After our fight with CL ended we ran into SV. This time, they didn't even last 100 hours.


Random Pics:

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Posted : 04/01/2017 3:01 am

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