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January 6th: Lil Night  


we fought rev a few times.

In between fighting Revenant, we found a couple of retards a couple times. Starting with clearing out Lil 40 and the Hmongs who proceeded to tell us he had audio leaks of us. Thank you for the pictures.

After fighting the lil 40s, we hunted around a couple of other teams while waiting for Rev to find us and made some bank mostly the MacRetards, a few SV, catching some randoms low lvls offguard and defiance pk...


We ended a bit later and had some banter while pking at MB/Ice Plat

We then ended our night by chasing around Ruin while they argued which one of their four people were the spy. Because we thought it would be funny.


Posted : 07/01/2017 10:34 am

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